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Download Bobot







August 2017  Bobot version 7 (2017) zip Windows and Linux (45Mo)

August 2017  Bobot Zombies version 7 (2017) zip Windows and Linux (40Mo)

Bobot RTCW maps

August 2017  RTCW-maps.pk3

August 2017  RTCW-design.pk3 (Models, textures and sounds for RTCW maps).

Bobot other

Bobot v5.5 Langue Française



American Civil War

06 july 2017 - Version 2 (2017)  800Mg Version Libraries Windows and Linux.

13 august 2017 6Mg Version Libraries Windows and Linux.

ACW is the biggest mod of all time, 65 maps western. 6 campaigns.

Installing : Unzip into the folder users/public, and a new folder ACW-2 now.
Open main, creat a shortcut on et.exe and add parameters + exec server.cfg + set com_hunkMegs 512
example ("C:\Users\Public\ACW\et.exe" + exec server.cfg + set com_hunkMegs 512) and that's all.
Run the shortcut to play ACW.

Changelog :

01) 06 july 2017 : Code : Fixed big lag into game, statistics maps, player, ranks.
02) 01 july 2017 : Code : The ranks are different between confederates and union.
                             look at ACW_Ranks.png.
03) 01 july 2017 : Code : Add a civilian, a mexican, an indian bots (confederacy and Union).
04) 01 july 2017 : Fixed some maps.
05) 01 july 2017 : Code : Fixed more warning. (Windows - Linux).
06) 01 july 2017 : Code : Add messages chat of bots in the game (295 messages).
                             You can edit messages or add new messages, look format
                             (bots-chat.txt into acw.pk3).
07) 01 july 2017 : Code : Add 60 voices of bots in the game,
                             43 english, 10 mexican, (7 voices for french : fun answers
                             from the movie "the 7th company").
08) 01 july 2017 : Modify main menu of the background picture.
09) 01 july 2017 : Modify the movie etintro.roq
10) 01 july 2017 : Modify the menus.
11) 01 july 2017 : Picture in the hud, for standing, crouching, prone and dead.
12) 01 july 2017 : Change Hud Bobot or Hud ET (HUD EDITOR menu in game).
13) 01 july 2017 : Modify XPSave for all players and bots, specially for Windows security.
14) 01 july 2017 : Automatic settings Full screen display for portable computer.
                             seta r_mode "-1" unsafe, default.cfg into acw.pk3.
15) 01 july 2017 : Menu, listen to all the musics into the maps
                             or want to select the music in the map you play.

American Civil War, very stable code.


American Civil War RTCW-ACW Sp Version 2.3

Download RTCW-ACW ver : 2.4. ,09.24.2019

New cards and corrected cards + shader + ai

Museum (last card)

MAPS : BackWater, Beach, Boulderdash, Bush, Canyon, Cheyenne, Cobber, Colorado, ComancheCanyon, Dawnfort, DeathTrap, Dodgecity, Dry, Durango, El Paso, ELRancho, Express, Factory, Farm, Fort Apache, Fort Abercrombie, Fort Alamo, GhostTown, Goldrush, HangEmHigh, Harmonica, Highnoon, Home, Lago, Lake, Liberty, Machogrande, Mine, Mines, MineTown, Monterey, Mountain, Museum, Nogales, Oasis, Saloon, Santa Fe, Stadium, Station, StormPoint, Sundance, Tijuana, Tillian, Tombstone, Trains, Town, Wichinta, WildCountry, Wildwest train, Yuma.





King World Poker, Windows 64bits.

Septembre 2017  King World Poker Install.exe (version 2). Windows (210Mo).

GeneSys, Windows 64bits.

GeneSys, un générateur système expert.

Sous Windows 64bits avec des bases de test/ An expert system generator. Windows 64bits with databases test.

download JDownloder


Vieilles versions Bobot.

Bobots_0.2_win.exe    (Windows version)   1ère version de Bobots (04/04/2004) Linux et windows. Rajouter dans le raccourci +set sv_pur 0 si vous avez le message unpure version ou lancer le jeu avec pur serveur 0.


RTCW source et outils.



Bobot skins 16Mg.

       ET Zombies skin             Allies skin            Axis commandos       Allies commandos         Axis skin




Date de dernière mise à jour : 24/09/2019

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