∗ 2001 – † 2011 Loved and hated by foe and friend

The time has come...

 ...to say goodbye. During the 10 years of WolfMap's history we successfully led the site through good and bad times.

But now the time has come to face the facts. The amount of players is decreasing from day to day, for the most varied reasons: A movement of priorities, a change of private environment, a new highly acclaimed game that has been released next to so many others, or simply the fact that one lost the interest in online gaming. Already before 2009 it didn't look good for the news, less files were published weekly.




  • Return to Castle Wolfenstein is only kept alive by Singleplayer-Maps that were created by fans, the Multiplayer has been dead and buried for years.

  • Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory after all those years still has a surprisingly active community, but though it's already visible that this game is doomed. The reasons have already been named above. Furthermore, the Modding-Community is not that active as it used to be when new maps, mini-mods, skinpacks and soundpacks were created daily. What is published nowadays simply doesn't match the possible standard in most cases.

  • Enemy Territory: Quake Wars was successfully killed by the publisher through Ranked-Servers. They collected our money for it - let's go to the next title that took our money.

  • Wolfenstein was a complete disaster! The multiplayer didn't even rudimentaly keep what we've been promised loudmouthedly. Modding to keep the game alive for a few years is undesired by the publisher, and despite all the assurances, no SDK has been released until now. Only the singleplayer, that was way too short, was worth its salt. Ironically, the manufacturer removed the game from the german market because due to sloppy work, some symbols were not removed. Owners of the german version now call a very rare dust catcher their own.


WolfMap, as a site by and for public players, took its right to exist from the activity of this community. We didn't want the site to vegetate as a download archive, an advertising platform for fun-events or the like, like so many other websites do. Even less did we want the site not to be up-to-date, just to be online. Neither do we want to include a promising game that doesn't have anything in common with the Wolfenstein-series, just to keep the site online artificially.
That's why, with a heavy heart we decided to say goodbye to the site.

We had a nice time and we like to look back when we developed from one fansite of many to the unchallenged number one of the scene. Everything was here, commercial-free: News, filebase, forum, gameserver and TS. Many projects were made up, most of them were even reliazed and mostly accepted by the community.

Hereby, WolfMap is officially dead. To kill potential rumours from the first: The site is definitely not going to be reactivated! Not even if there will be a new Wolfenstein-title one day that contains everything players and serveradmins have ever dreamed of. May others establish a new fansite and lead it to success through continuous effort, we won't lift a finger again. After a decade of contribution to the scene, we will use our reclaimed spare time to take care of other things than a community site.
The backup of the site as well as the domain stay with us to make sure it's not abused. Requests referring to this are pointless.

We admit that it sounds hard, but unfortunately that's how the facts look like.
But let's look back to the incidents that happened during this time, it are the good things that dominate and that we are going to remember. Otherwise, we would never have maintained this project for all those years.

A big thanks to all those who remained loyal to us till the end!

We hope you remember us in a good way and we wish you lots of fun with the game, enjoy it until it completely bites the dust.
Maybe we meet on a sever one day.

Your ancient WolfMap-Admins,

Berzerkr (GER), News & Filebase
Tomacco, Gameserver & Forum

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