// File:        FFLLAPI.h   
// Purpose:        This file contains the API declarations for FFLL
// Copyright © 2001 Louder Than A Bomb! Software
// This file is part of the FFLL (Free Fuzzy Logic Library) project (http://ffll.sourceforge.net)
// It is released under the BSD license, see http://ffll.sourceforge.net/license.txt for the full text.

#ifndef _FFLLAPI_H
#define _FFLLAPI_H

#include <stddef.h>
#include <F:\bobots-sources\bobot\src\include\windows.h>

// Official API
// NOTE: we don't use __declspec(dllexport) to export, we use a .def file as that is
// the most generic way and avoids any name mangling (or decoration) via aliases
// (MSVC mangles names EVEN with 'extern "C"' if calling convention is __stdcall) and allows
// us to explicitly state the ordinal to avoid version conflicts in the future.

// define which version's we call if _UNICODE

#ifdef _UNICODE
#    define ffll_get_msg_text        ffll_get_msg_textW
#    define ffll_get_msg_text        ffll_get_msg_textA
#endif // unicode

// define how we export the functions
#ifdef _WIN32
#    define    WIN_FFLL_API    __stdcall
#    define    WIN_FFLL_API

#if defined(__cplusplus)
extern "C" {
// API for creating a FFLL model

typedef int (WINAPI *DLL_Function_ffll_new_model) () ;
typedef int (WINAPI *DLL_Function_ffll_close_model) (int model_idx) ;
typedef int (WINAPI *DLL_Function_ffll_new_child) (int model_idx) ;
typedef int (WINAPI *DLL_Function_ffll_load_fcl_file) (int model_idx, const char* file);

typedef const wchar_t* (WINAPI *DLL_Function_ffll_get_msg_textW) (int model_idx);
typedef const char* (WINAPI *DLL_Function_ffll_get_msg_textA) (int model_idx);

// thread specific functions...
typedef int (WINAPI *DLL_Function_ffll_set_value) (int model_idx, int child_idx, int var_idx, double value);
typedef double (WINAPI *DLL_Function_ffll_get_output_value) (int model_idx, int child_idx);

int WIN_FFLL_API ffll_new_model() ;
int WIN_FFLL_API ffll_close_model(int model_idx) ;
int WIN_FFLL_API ffll_new_child(int model_idx) ;
int WIN_FFLL_API ffll_load_fcl_file(int model_idx, const char* file);

const wchar_t* WIN_FFLL_API ffll_get_msg_textW(int model_idx);
const char* WIN_FFLL_API ffll_get_msg_textA(int model_idx);*/

// thread specific functions...
int WIN_FFLL_API ffll_set_value(int model_idx, int child_idx, int var_idx, double value);
double WIN_FFLL_API ffll_get_output_value(int model_idx, int child_idx);
#if defined(__cplusplus)
} // end extern "C" for FFLL api
#endif // _FFLLAPI_H

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