Bobots 5

# 09/03/2016 à 15:10 Bluemax (site web)
I have Bobots 5 running on my server...They are Fun to play and Hard to beat. I realize that Bobots 5 are a standalone mod based on etpub but was wondering if there was any Admin Mod that I could run with it or at least scrubbot.cfg ? or maybe can I run Bobots on my Favorite mod N!tmod.

Check out Bobots @
I run other Mods as well and Switch once in a while..
# 11/03/2016 à 15:57 Bluemax (site web)
I think Bobots might be the future of ET so continue your work. Make the Bobots so you can easily run separate on etpub/nitmod/jaymod/silent if possible. I'm trying the maps you already have bobot nodes for at the moment!

Thanks Bluemax
# 30/11/2016 à 16:42 boitel
hello les liens pour télécharger et bobot v5.5 est mort.Ou peux ton télécharger bobot v5.5

merci par avance


Hello the links to download and bobot v5.5 is dead.Ou can download your bobot v5.5

thanks in advance

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